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Dear Beauty Enthusiast,

Unique Edge Beauty, established 1975 is a manufacturer and mass distributor of professional beauty instruments of Hair, Nail, and Skin Care. Our implements are designed and manufactured with professional users in mind. Through the years, Unique Edge Beauty has earned a reputation of surpassing the normal standards of quality, services, and price within our industry.

Throughout the years, Unique Edge Beauty has kept pace with the swift changes in scientific advances, particularly in engineering materials and metallurgic process, have steadily introduced innovative new developments to our line. At the same time, we have kept the tradition of the past incorporating into manufacturing processes metalworking technology. Unique Edge Beauty highly stresses perfection and quality on all of its products. Our implements are made with the highest perfection, maximum hardness, and toughness ratios. Unique Edge Beauty uses only the top vanadium alloyed stainless steel.

Unique Edge Beauty tools are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects. Unique Edge Beauty is rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. Our policy is to satisfy the customer to its precise needs. We thrive to work with the consumer to bring new and improved implements to the market. When you pick up Unique Edge Beauty professional beauty implement, you feel the quality.

Best Regards,

Unique Edge Beauty Team